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I too have been noticing the weeds - even the dandelions which I have allowed to 'clock' provide an evening snack for the sparrows and finches - so sweet to see them jump up and pull a mouthful of fluffy seed. I have been feeling really weird post RC - so tired, and looking at things without any stamina to get on with them!! glad I am not alone xx

Bella Bheag

Hope your surroundings will soon invigorate and inspire you Rebecca. Lovely colourful pics!x

Rabbit & the Duck

Just discovered your blog (thanks for linking to mine!). I look forward to reading more (and seeing more of your lovely photographs).
Cheers, Shannon.

Suzanne Field

It always takes time to get back to normal but the worrying thing is that you don't realise how 'abnormal' life has been until you take a step back. Enjoy your relaxing walks and hopefully cathch up at Killearn on Saturday. Love the pic of the hen in undergrowth!

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